Gamico is located in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Its goal is to assist individuals and companies in creating exciting games on various platforms. It does so by participating in music and game development companies and by providing advise, giving lectures, and writing articles. The company is run by Mark Overmars who has extensive experience in the design and development of games, as a university professor, a hobbyist, and an entrepreneur.

We participate in the following companies:


Fans4Music helps musicians to connect to their fans. To this end it develops an online platform that enables musicians to build a fan site, share music and other media, post on social networks, sell fan subcriptions and tickets, and analyse their fans. The company is located in Utrecht in the Netherlands.


CoolGames is an innovative casual games company situated in Amsterdam. It was formed by a merger of my company Tingly Games and BoosterMedia. We create all our games in HTML5 and sell them to game portals and as apps. We also create branded versions of games for e.g. marketing purposes. During the past years we developed over 50 casual games. The company is in particular strong in messenger games.

YoYo Games and GameMaker

From 1998 till 2006 Gamico developed the first versions of the GameMaker software. The development of the tool has since been taken over by the company YoYo Games. Gamico used to participate in that company but is no longer involved.


If you are interested in the activities of Gamico, you can contact Mark Overmars here: